crystal jewellery for connection


If you’re wanting to establish a stronger connection within yourself to be able to connect to your guides and the higher realms, then these are the crystals for you.  

The deeper we go within ourselves the deeper we can establish our connections to other realms for assistance and guidance when we are needing it. Meditation with these crystals, sleeping with them by your bed or wearing them will assist in balancing your emotions and energies to strengthen your connection.  

Your guides are wanting you to connect to them, after all that is why they exist. 


  • Kyanite – is a crystal of connection creating pathways from your mind to your heart and keeping the 2 strongly connected. 
  • Amethyst – known as the stone of spirituality which deepens the connection to oneself and enhancing your connection your higher self.  
  • Clear quartz – develops a strong clear connection within yourself and with what you desire and that is aligned with you. 
  • Carnelian – known as a stone of abundance, it helps focus your attention on building confidence, passion, courage, and power within yourself whilst creating a stronger connection within. 
  • Celestite – encourages connection to the higher realms with spirit guides, angels, and ascended beings to assist you with guidance and inner wisdom. 
  • Mystic merlinite – enhances communication to the elemental realms and to heal all wounds from past lives. 
  • Golden healer – opens connections to higher realms and allows the golden ray of light to flow through and clear and cleanse your auric field. 
  • Tanzanite – emitting a high vibration and strengthening your connection between your mind and higher realms. 
  • Larimar – connected to the throat chakra and helps strengthen our ability to speak from the heart with emotions and boundaries. 
  • Auralite – known to be a a very calming stone and provides connection to the angelic realms. 

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150 products