Seraphim Angels are believed to be the highest order of angels from source and you can see them and feel them In this stone. The energy of this crystal is high vibe, yet soft and caring and the look of the crystal itself brings in the angelic side with its feather like green appearance.

When you think of angels and what they represent: purity, love, connection and all that is 100% pure source light, you can understand the energy of this crystal. Coming from experience with my own pendant that sits right on my heart chakra and wraps you in a loving energetic blanket.

When placed on your 3rd eye I’ve literally felt an energetic buzz from my temple right down my spine like a chakra activation or kundalini activation and this angelic stone will definitely deepen your meditations.

Seraphinite is all about opening and strengthening your heart connection and removing any obstacles that are in your way with the assistance of the angelic realm. When we have felt a lot of heartache in this lifetime and even past lifetimes it can leave an energetic pain imprint which can affect aspects of our life like relationships with others and ourselves. We have all felt heartache at some stage or another but it doesn’t mean we have to hold on to it and sometimes we don’t even realise we are until it’s staring us in the face.

That’s where Seraphinite comes into to assist you in unravelling what no longer is serving you, meaning what is needing to surface for release, whilst also bringing in the soft caring energy as support. Also being connected to all chakras Seraphinite balances and activates chakras to work in unison with your heart activation.

When we can release some of our past and bring in more light and energy to our field we are then really able to embrace all that we are without any past stories attached - A super high vibrational creator being having a human experience! When we embrace that we can achieve anything we put our heart into with the highest intentions, the magic awakens inside of us. Letting go of what was, and really embracing the now and who you are which is infinite.

Raising your soul vibrations by remembering who you are as a multi-dimensional being here to raise the vibration of the planet purely by being your authentic self.

Bringing in the true understanding of the “I AM” presence.

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