Moldavite & Herkimer Diamond Pendant | Designer
Moldavite & Herkimer Diamond Pendant | Designer
Moldavite & Herkimer Diamond Pendant | Designer

Moldavite & Herkimer Diamond Pendant | Designer

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925 Sterling Silver Pendant - Authentic Moldavite sourced directly from the Czech Republic

Size: 3.8cm

This beautiful piece of jewellery you are purchasing is a unique design made specifically to fit the stone contained. The stone is of exceptional quality and beauty. All of our jewellery has been intuitively chosen for that special someone, so if you are drawn to a piece that someone may well be you!

Herkimer Diamond

Known as the seeker and transformational stone Herkimer is a stone of attunement that contains a crystal structure that aligns the crystal energy to our own natural energy within. These high vibe crystals are here to hold our hand and guide is within.

Herkimer can bring back balance in your life and stability energetically, and you are able to see a more clearly aligned path. It gives you a little nudge in the direction that is for you, that is meant for you, and it may be an unknown path. Usually, the unknown is the experience we are needing to break out of habit and routines that keep us locked into one experience. Where there is no or not much expansion within, because its ‘safer’ to stick to what you know.

But how will you ever now what you are truly capable of unless you try something different, do something different. This changed level of spiritual mastery can only be embraced with a heightened level of perception which Herkimer can bring to your game.

Herkimer’s are double terminated Quartz crystals that are not actually diamonds but are called this due to their clarity and geometrical shape. They sometimes contain Enhydros (water bubbles), rainbows (rainbow energy) and black carbon deposits and other small inclusions. They are all a little different from each other and imperfectly perfect and unique in their own way, which is a perfect analogy for us as it  is the driving energy within the Herkimer for us to embrace. Our own individuality and uniqueness.

Allow the Herkimer to be your guide, your wayshower and your pointer into a deeper connection into self, to unlock the barriers that have been put in place to hold us back from embracing all that we are….

Herkimer’s give us a gentle reminder to stop searching for more of what we think we are and realise we are already this. We are not becoming; we are unbecoming everything we believe ourselves to be. We then begin to understand this and embrace all that of which we are, which is infinite and boundless. Divine perfection in every outward breath.

Moldavite – Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra, Throat Chakra

If you are wanting to accelerate your spiritual growth and develop a stronger connection with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters or even your Cosmic Messengers then Moldavite is the stone for you.

An extremely high vibrational crystal which opens and clears blockages and aligns the chakras. Moldavite is aligned with anyone that is ready to take a step forward in their spiritual journey as it opens the Crown Chakra for you to receive the highest spiritual guidance in a way that you need to perceive it to understand it.

Healing wise Moldavite makes one aware of the cause and source of the dis-ease and then supports the releasing and processing.

Can be worn as jewellery to enhance the unveiling of one’s journey past/ present and future.






Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals. To prevent tarnish as much as possible, we recommend that you remove jewellery when:

 * Showering, bathing or swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs and the ocean.

* Using lotion, hair products, fragrances and other cosmetics.

* Exercising at the gym or during sports.

To restore shine and remove tarnish polish your jewellery with a silver cleaning cloth.


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