Agni Manitite


      Agni Manitite – Solar Plexus Chakra 

      Known as the Pearl of Fire Agni Manitite was formed when a meteorite crash landed over the Indonesian Archipelago, which resulted in the heating of the surface which was enough to liquidise it. The result was this amazing, high vibrational tektite that was literally gifted to mother earth from out of this world. 

      What makes this tektite different from Moldavite is that it is stronger to those that are drawn to it and most Agni can only be found now underwater which makes it rare and harder to discover. 

      Agni Manitite has the amazing ability to connect to your solar plexus, activating it and engaging it to warp speed. Within this process you will feel the connection and overseeing attributes that make up your unique self and all you possess.  

      This high vibrational stone will serve as a reminder that anything is possible if your soul and mind become synchronised and enhances your connection to that which is aligned to your highest path. Defining your soul path and leaving the rest to achieve a higher state of spirituality.  

      A transformational stone that if your drawn to it, you will feel its pull towards seeing the unseen within yourself and transforming your inner self through inner standing.  

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