About Us

niome and amy divine-divine crystal heart
Welcome to Divine Crystal Heart and thank you for your connection.

We are an Australian Owned and operated business on the sunny Gold Coast and have decided to take our love for everything crystal to the next level. My Beautiful partner Niome and myself recognise not only the beauty within crystals but also the power and assistance they can bring to one’s life and their own spiritual journey.

Whether you are a lover of crystals like we are or simply appreciate their beauty, we will have something for you.

We believe that everything happens for a reason and if you are reading this than you have been divinely guided here in one way or another.

Each piece whether it is jewellery or crystals have been intuitively picked for a particular someone. If you are being drawn to one of them than that someone could be you!

Like all of us on one level or another we are expanding and growing and so will be our spiritual business. What we have to offer will not be just limited to crystals or jewellery but also support and healing, so keep an eye out if this is of interest to you.

Feel free to join our Facebook Tribe Divine Crystal Heart and be apart of our journey.

You are me, I am you, We are One!

Love and light        

Amy & Niome