crystals for happiness


What is happiness exactly? Happiness is a state of being and can not be filled by anything that is external such as things. When we do our inner work and break through the barriers and limiting expectations of who we think we are, we are then able to experience true happiness.  

When we innerstand that simply by being our authentic self and loving every single part of ourselves and honouring ourselves inclusive of all our experiences in life.  

The stones below are the stones that will assist in unlocking those emotions within you that may have been hidden for a variety of reasons and are just waiting to be acknowledged  and understood in order to be released and transmuted into love. 

  • Amazonite – promotes happiness, carefree attitude and playfulness and accessing your inner truth and personal power. 
  • Amethyst – enhances the feeling of satisfaction, happiness and peace gives you clarity and insight into your true inner self.  
  • Ametrine – dispels and transmutes negative energy and enhances happiness, joy and peace within with understanding. 
  • Tourmaline – promoting inspiration and happiness and reducing fear within and builds self-confidence. 
  • Citrine – aids in self confidence and encourages us to take control of our own happiness rather than relying on others to make us happy. 
  • Clear quartz – known as the master healer by releasing negative energy and bringing in positive light. 
  • Rose quartz – attracting positive vibrations of love, compassion and positivity enhancing overall happiness. 
  • Smoky quartz – a powerful grounding stone relieving depression and promoting joy, love and happiness. 
  • Tigers eye – replenishes your solar plexus energy, strengthening your willpower and motivation to move forward more easily and aligned. 
  • Dendrite – known as the stone of plenitude bringing in abundance, richness and fulness into all areas of your life. 
  • Caribbean calcite – enhancing emotional intelligence and bringing in calmness and acceptance in moving forward spiritually aligned to your path. 
  • Green opal – a heart stone promoting inner love and happiness. 
  • Astrophyllite – an energetically potent stone that illuminates the true self of the wearer and infuses the entire system with light. 
  • Grenatite – oozing positive energy and provoking the internal fire within to ignite to use that energy within and harness amazing opportunities. 
  • Auralite  known to emit divine energy and encouraging peace of mind, happiness and most importantly self-care. 

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