Inclusion Quartz

Symbolising coexistence and unity as we are all different and yet we are all one. I absolutely love these crystals for so many reasons. They are all unique and all offer something a little different. When the light hits these babies, the crystalline structure made up of all the inclusions which just radiate so much energy and light. We love it and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Inclusion Quartz has the amplified effect of quartz and then the extra energy depending on the inclusion. Because of the different energetic characteristics due to the inclusion, it’s an extraordinary crystal to work with. Go on give it a go, you will not be disappointed.

The colour of the inclusion will be which chakra it is aligned too but not limited to as the quartz is the Master Healer and will work and attune to all chakras.

Tourmaline is the most popular inclusion in quartz and acts as a powerful aura shield transmuting any negativity energy that is not aligned with your own and also fantastic for gridding.

These types of crystals are so unique in not only their energy, but their appearance and just like you there is never one the same.

Embrace your uniqueness for that is your superpower!

27 products

27 products