If you are seeking transformation through the heart with a strong protective energy, Malachite will assist with guiding you through.

An amplifier of positive and negative energies that really grounds in your spiritual energies onto the planet whilst bringing balance and harmony to the heart during this process.

Malachite is perfect for inner exploration and releasing negative experiences, traumas and bringing suppressed feelings to the surface whilst releasing inhibitions and encourages expressing feelings.

Activating all chakras and attuning you to your own spiritual guidance, Malachite also opens your heart to unconditional love allowing emotional trauma and emotions to flow in and then out with ease.

Wearing a pendant (heart chakra) or even a ring on your left hand can strengthen your ability to absorb and process information, making you more observant and helping you innerstand difficult concepts.

Meditating with Malachite on the solar Plexus helps facilitate deep emotional release of negative experiences and trauma.

20 products

20 products