If you are feeling a little unbalanced within yourself or in your relationships, Rhodonite will help sooth your heart and infuse your soul with pure love, and remind you that you are the very reflection of love itself.

Known as the rescue stone, it is one of the most powerful heart chakra crystals in the world and encourages compassion, forgiveness and all that is needed for unconditional love to flourish within you and around you.

Rhodonite radiates such a powerful love vibration that will gently release your fears that may have been disguised as negative emotions like resentment, jealousy, or anger and encourage you to return to the love frequency that you have always been.

Also a stone to bring calmness, and releasing any anxiety or matters of the heart that are not for your highest good and replacing them with warm love, self-worth and stability so you can more easily navigate through these times with ease and balance with so much love in your heart.

Rhodonite is the love bomb that explodes within your heart emanating pure love frequency and divine love.

11 products

11 products