Sardonyx – Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra  

Known as a stone of strength and protection which brings in happiness and stability to marriages and relationships.

With such a strong connection to your third eye chakra, Sardonyx can boost your sense of perception which will allow you to feel more into self-reflection. The understanding why you feel a certain way, what bought you to that moment in time and how it influenced your emotions. Through this deep process of emotional highlighting, Sardonyx will strengthen your will power and overall sense of worth and bring you more into alignment with who you are. Allowing the rest to wash away organically.

Such a powerful stone as when you strengthen your relationship and belief within yourself, all other relationships will naturally strengthen and highlight where they need attention.

Sardonyx is a combination stone of Carnelian and onyx and with these combined energies will enable you to make more informed decisions through a higher sense of self awareness. This process will allow you to gauge circumstances around you and help you to achieve the best possible outcome right for you.

Another amazing asset Sardonyx has to offer is its protective qualities within your home, your energy field and your relationships. Place sardonyx in desired place for the most benefits. For example, if its your home you would like protection for, place 1 piece of sardonyx in all 4 corners of your house with your intention upon placement.

This can also be extended out to the garden or yard for further protection of your land if you are drawn to doing so.

If its within your dreamtime place sardonyx in all corners of the bedroom with your intention.

Your intention whilst holding each sardonyx before placing could be as simple as this.

 “I place this sardonyx in all corners of my home with the intention to keep my home safe and all that dwell here from anything inorganic or that has ill intent both energetically and physically”

For the bedroom you could use this.

“I place this sardonyx in all corners of my bedroom with intention to protect myself and all that sleep here during sleeping and dreaming. Place protection in and around my bedroom from anything that is inorganic and not of 100% pure source light from connecting with me when I am/we are dreaming”

Black Sardonyx – absorbs negative energy

Brown Sardonyx – grounds energy

Clear Sardonyx – purifies

Red Sardonyx - stimulates

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