If you are feeling a little out of balance energetically, Serpentine can certainly assist in getting you on track feeling centred and aligned to all that you are which truly is infinite.

You deserve only the best and to be treated the best by not only you but others. Sometimes you forget that we are worthy of all the world has to offer and its time now to release this. Serpentine is your little crystal companion that wraps you up in love whilst you release what was. Embrace the magic that you are. Divine perfection in every now moment. Sometimes it may not feel like it and when you start shifting and seeing life from a different perspective you will see the gifts in all situations.

Serpentine is like the button on the remote that you may have needed to use because you don’t know what it does. Well now you do. Press the button and allow Serpentine to switch the channel and view something from a completely different aspect. The more you connect with it the more it connects with you. It doesn’t have to be like a limited series on Netflix, it can be a series of infinite seasons just waiting to activate within you. Creativity, expansiveness, and worthiness all wrapped up together within you.

In other words, it’s here to help you like a beacon in the night. Navigating you through some rough waters to calm serene beaches where the crystal-clear waters of clarity are then seen.

When these deep emotional releases start subsiding, Serpentine helps you to activate your Kundalini energy, which is believed to be coiled up like a serpent at the base of the spine lying dormant until activated. Sending a wave of energy up and down your spine and activating every chakra simultaneously and bringing you to a higher state of awareness.

Once this dormant energy is released you will begin to feel the effects of a Kundalini Awakening where you may start feeling more in tune with yourself and your body, and start to notice signs of your intuition come to life.

This leads to an expansion of the mind and an attunement to higher realms where you embrace the inner being of light and love that you are!

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1 product