If you are feeling a little out of balance energetically, Serpentine can certainly assist in getting you on track feeling aligned and centred. 

Serpentine is a talisman for deep diving for emotional release that may have been there for a long time especially difficult emotions where you have felt like you have been wronged. It will act as a dissolvent to release these trapped emotions and let go so you can move forward in every single way. 

The amazing quality of serpentine is that not only does it encourage release of negative emotions that no are longer serving you, but it fills the void with positivity where you may not have seen it before. This then enables compassion for people and the past with knowledge and understanding that there was a reason why things happened the way they did. This form of release is deep inner work which has lasting effects when embraced. 

When these deep emotional releases start subsiding, Serpentine helps you to activate your Kundalini energy, which is believed to be coiled up like a serpent at the base of the spine lying dormant until activated. 

Once this dormant energy is released you will begin to feel the effects of a Kundalini Awakening where you may start feeling more Intune with yourself and your body and start to notice signs of your intuition come to life. 

This leads to an expansion of the mind and an attunement to higher realms. 

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10 products