Wanting to integrate your higher mind to the physical level then Sodalite will unite your logic with intuition and open your spiritual perception.

      So, what exactly do I mean with the above statement? Look at it like this, Sodalite acts like a bridge between your current 3D human and your multi-dimensional self. Now prepare to put your seatbelt on because once this connection becomes stronger and stronger between your throat & third eye chakras, your world will change. Moving into more of an intuitive space and just allowing everything to organically unfold, whilst also standing in your sovereign power. To become the experience rather than experiencing.

      Stimulating the easy release of old mental conditioning and rigid mind sets allowing one to clear the Throat Chakra and speak one’s divine truth with ease, grace and compassion and really embrace who you are.

      Sodalite helps you see where your path lies and is heading and acts as a spiritual signpost on your personal journey, so you are immersed in your own spiritual growth and being guided by your own inner knowing.

      Place as appropriate or wear for long periods of time if needed to bring back the ‘all’ that you are and have ever been, just temporarily forgot.

      4 products

      4 products