Soul Inspired

Meditation Spin Rings

Enhance your manifestation powers & add an extra dimension to your affirmations or mantras with these Divine 925 Silver meditation rings

Main Chakras & some of their functions:

1st Chakra Root Chakra

Inner security, stability, foundation and wellbeing, subconscious mind

Located at the base of the spine

Colour Red – can also be seen as pink or aqua

Out of balance Issues: Victim, bully, fear, unsafe, abuse,
shock, colon, prostate

In balance: Safe, grateful, abundance, ease,

2nd Chakra Sacral Chakra

Emotions & feelings, well-being & sexuality, instinctual mind

Located about two inches below the navel

Colour – Orange

Out of balance Issues: relationships, boundaries, inner child, addictions, creative flow, greed, reproduction & sex

In balance: Good relationships, clear pain body, creativity, divine feminine energy

3rd Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra

Personality & ego, digestive organs, conscious mind

Located between navel & breastbone

Colour – Yellow

Out of balance Issues: stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and liver, fatigue, repressed emotions, anger

In balance: good metabolism, lots of energy, organised & happy with self & work

4th Chakra Heart Chakra

Main energy centre, Heart & lungs, collective mind, intuition

Located in the centre of the chest

Colour Green

Out of balance Issues: narcissism, heart/lung dis-ease, don’t trust self, unhappy

In balance: Empathic, loving, joyful, very intuitive

5th Chakra Throat Chakra

Communication, authentic self, Archetypal mind, throat, neck & thyroid

Located at base of the throat

Colour Blue

Out of balance Issues: Fear of speaking truth, Eye, ear, mouth & nose, thyroid dis-ease, can’t express oneself clearly

In balance: Truthful & authentic

6th Chakra Third Eye Chakra

Inner vision, ideas, pituitary gland, celestial mind

Located between the eyebrows.

Colour Indigo

Out of balance Issues: clouded vision, confusion

In balance: Clarity, sense divine connection

7th Chakra Crown Chakra

Planetary mind, collective consciousness

Located on the vertex of the head

Colour Violet

Out of balance Issues: easily manipulated and controlled by others, brain dis-ease, feel disconnected

In balance: Coherent, conscious

8th Chakra Higher Heart Chakra

Monadic mind, thymus gland

Located at the thymus gland

Colour Gold/Blue

Out of balance Issues: metabolism, thymus, auto-immune diseases, lymph tissue, immune system

In balance: Emotionally balanced, healthy

What People say


After visiting you lovely ladies at the Crystal Expo recently, I would like to commend you on your exquisite pieces.

The vibe radiating from your store was so positive and inviting, your prices were very reasonable and honestly, with all the fakes going around, I am happy to say that I won't be purchasing my crystals anywhere else.

Thank you again for your knowledge and insight, and I look forward to making many more future purchases.

Best wishes Alisha Kirmaier
Gold Coast, AUS

Absolutely love all their crystals, can feel all the pieces are chosen with love and have
amazing quality. I love that they have unique pieces that I have not seen
elsewhere, Amy and Niome are so easy to deal with and have so much knowledge on
crystals, definitely highly recommend them and their pieces. I know I will be
buying lots more from them 😊

Lisa Jack
Gold Coast, AUS