Enhydro Crystals

Enhydro Crystals 

Enhydro crystals are formed within a quartz or agate crystal when water was formed in a bubble within the crystal itself, through the process of creation. 

Crystals take up to millions of years to form when the environment in which they started to form may be completely different to the environment in which they were sourced at the time they were found. This process is mind blowing as some crystals were formed when their environment was lush and dense with trees and bodies of water which is when an Enhydro crystal was formed. Then upon finding this same crystal after so much time for it to grow with constant environmental changes where it then has been found or sourced in a desert like environment.  

Just think about the time the water was captured within the crystal itself and how pure it would be, with none of today's pollution or contaminants that we now find in our water systems! 

The 5 Sacred Elements contained within all life and creation show the Enhydro Crystal is a Divine connection to this and through this. Earth and Fire that creates the crystal along with water and air that is trapped with the crystal and leads to guidance to your own Divine spirit. 

Such a powerful high vibe crystal is ideal if you are seeking purity of the mind, body and soul, as this particular crystal is believed to hold the elixir of life and holds all purity of the Divine Plan. 

Perfect for meditations with the objective of connecting to the Divine plan from micro (you) to macro (universally) and will also give you a direct link to your Akashic Records. 

If you are seeking transformation and a calling to transform within the Enhydro crystal will be your dedicated and loving companion, that will hold your hand as you unravel and release all that is no longer aligned to you or for you. 

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10 products