The 13 ancient crystal skulls that are located right around the world that were found in ancient ruins or temples are believed to hold sacred knowledge. Most of them at least have been found.

Legend has it that they each contain a specific set of information, instructions and powers that are directly linked to our earth and all of humanity and are in existence purely to help the human race and be the guardians of our earth.

It is said that they communicate with each other regardless of the distance and release bits and pieces of ancient wisdom through our consciousness which is integrated for the highest for our planet and humanity over a period.

So what does this have to with our skulls, well the ancient 13 skulls is purely to open you up to what skulls actually represent, maybe not on such a global scale as the 13 but definitely for the highest path for the owner of any crystal skull.

For whatever reason that bought you to reading about skulls and looking at them, nothing is a coincidence and perhaps you have been guided here for a reason. Perhaps there is a skull that is drawing you in to connect with you on a deeper level in order to pass knowledge on to you that you are now ready and open to receive.

If this is the case and you have found ‘the one’ I implore you once you receive it and you have the space and time to connect.

Here’s a few steps you can take to connect to your skull –

Cleanse and clear – depending on the crystal type you can either bathe it under water/salt water or sage smoke around it with the intention to cleanse and clear.

Activate – placing the skull out in the sunlight to bring in the suns pure light source energy into its field with your intention of course

Connect – depending on the size if its large place the skull at eye level in front of you or if its smaller place it in your hands also at eye level. Feel into the energy and if it feels ‘full’ with your intention ask the being within of the highest pure source light frequency to awaken and communicate with you.

If the skull feels light with your intention ask a being of the highest purest source light frequency to enter the skull and communicate with you.

(you may feel tingling or vibrating in your hands, a little lightheaded or even your breathing may get a little faster, just relax and be as open as possible if it feels right to do so. Use your intuition and just be guided. Depending on the frequency of the being you may need to do this a few times to attune to their frequency if it’s really high)

Scrying – if the crystal skull is clear another good way to connect is with your intention as always, gaze into the skull and just allow your mind to become empty. Feel into what comes up for you. Each time you do this to connect the message will become stronger. Try not to control, just allow visions, emotions or even memories surface organically

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