You cannot get more of an Australian crystal than Mookaite. Sourced from in and around the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia, this gorgeous type of Jaspers colours represents our beautiful vast land.

      With such a strong connection to the earth which enables it to bring in the strongest grounding energies for those times when life gets a little hectic. Connect with Mookaite to calm the mind and connect into your heart.

      Mookaite awakens the inner spirit inside of you to reconnect you to your highest path, the path that leads always to the light when you are guided by love.

      Activating and balancing these 3 chakras together will bring you to a place of pure gnosis and heighten your intuition through balance, peace and harmony. When your mind is busy its often in our down times that we just can’t quite reach the state of relaxation emotionally or spiritually which affects the body physically.

      Mookaite is the perfect companion for this by connecting with it through either meditation, or place it by your bed at night with the intention of peace, love joy and calmness. The perfect combination that is met when you are completely grounded and open to receive new information from your intuition.

      You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”? Well think of Mookaite as the vehicle that drives the teacher to you, as you are your own teacher, you have all the information and knowledge you will ever need within you.

      Mookaite can be that bridge for you!

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      1 product