Mystic Merlinite

For a deeper journey into oneself, Mystic Merlinite can be the bridge between the light and dark to gain full understanding to release and move forward.

Working with Mystic Merlinite in the beginning of this process of discovery, a person has a task to accept one’s negative traits through love and acceptance and then be able to forgive themselves.  It can fill in all the fragments of trauma and lead to self-realisation that we are in control and have the power to change our life at any given moment in time.

When you see and feel into the whole picture of who you are then you can understand the roads and paths you have taken and how it got you to certain destinations. Also, it gives you the knowledge of how many roads, paths and destinations there are before you and how just the slightest changes can alter your life. That’s how powerful you are and the more you embrace and understand the more your path will align to its highest path for the highest good for you.

This magical stone holds the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists and magicians-priests and gives access to the spiritual and shamanic realms.

Mystic Merlinite interacts with all the chakras and brings them into balance from the Crown to the Root Chakra.

6 products

6 products