Not only beautiful to the eye but also have amazing healing properties. The pearl is considered the only gem born from a conscious, nurturing process as their origin is a result of a living being choosing to self-nurture.

      Mabe Pearls are known to very nurturing and when worn can lessen stress, headaches, and exhaustion.

      They also help women to connect to their inner goddess and embody specific frequencies and energy vibrations that can re balance deficiencies in the human body and spirit.

      Fresh Water Pearls are known to have healing properties by purifying inner body energy with its nurturing energies.

      Acting as an amulet FWP clean the negative energy accumulated inside of you and are perfect when you are wanting an emotional reset. It is also giving you the power of will and ability to continue to make your goal into a reality.

      Mother Of Pearl symbolises good luck and prosperity while attracting money and good fortune. It is a fantastic gift to give to someone special or to yourself.

      Known to invite you to use your inner wisdom and to do everything with heart and intellect.

      Fantastic for motivation and greatly beneficial for healing the body with nurturing energies.

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