Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood

Petrified wood is not only uniquely beautiful, but it also serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent as everything is changing including ourselves.

It is formed when trees or plants die, and their organic matter is replaced with quartz or calcite and can take several millions of years to form. Petrified wood can be found anywhere on this planet where the land is untouched, and it is able to transform from literally wood to stone. This universal process also serves as a reminder that it doesn’t matter where we are from or what country, we are all connected.

Like a tree has roots under the earths surface we as humans also are so much more than what is visible in appearance. We are the wayshowers of earth and hold infinite knowledge about ourselves on a micro level and the universe on a macro level.

We are as ancient as Petrified wood and yet we mostly see and live with limited sight and visibility. Tap into the energy of Petrified wood, allow it to ground you through mediation and unlock your Divine Knowledge that you already possess.

Petrified wood is as versatile as it gets and can be used in jewellery, crystal meditations or even just a decorative feature within the house. Either way when it is around or you are around it, know that its energy is humming to the beat of stability, strength, and transformation.

Whether you are a crystal lover, like art or just nice things around you, Petrified wood covers all bases and has the energetic frequency that will light up any room it’s in, even as a statement piece.

Petrified wood is known as the stone of transformation and will encourage you to embrace change and adapt to find new ways in a forever changing world. It will give you a newfound sense of freedom through a changed perception and you will flow with the current of the unknown rather than battle upstream for a path that is known and has been experienced several times over. It’s the key to expansion in all areas and levels of life when you take the unknown path in search for an experience that has not been experienced, therefore creating new life and new energy within your life and of course new knowledge.

Allow the subtle energies of Petrified wood to hold your hand and ground in your energy then let go of all that you know, and embrace all that you don’t.

The world is a big place and even bigger when you step outside your comfort zone.

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