Different Shapes Of Crystals: What Do They Mean And Uses

We have always had this fancy with precious stones & crystals. In the Middle Ages, people thought crystals would help them attain spirituality. They still have that hunger; that is why crystals are so popular. In a way, they fulfil a spiritual need for most people.

Whether you are into collecting crystals as a habit or do meditate with them, before finding a crystal pyramid to buy online, give this guide a read.

There are a variety of shapes crystals can come in. At Divine Crystal Heart, we have a live facebook sale every Wednesday night where you not only have the opportunity to purchase new crystals and jewellery before they hit the website, but we also explain about each crystal that is on the sale that night as to what it helps you with and how to use it, and also our certain experiences with our own crystals. We suggest using your intuition to see what shape, colour or even type of crystal you are attracted to which inadvertently will give you an indication of where you need to pay attention to within yourself before deciding on one.

Pyramid-shaped crystals

Pyramids have astonished almost all civilizations for ages. The geometrical shape is believed to amplify not only your energy but the environment it’s in. The four sides of a pyramid represent the four cosmic elements, including water, air, fire and wind.

Pyramid crystals are ideally placed in the centre of a grid, especially where you want the energy to be grounded. This is because they are a powerful energy source, allowing you to feel in tune with higher dimensional connection and beings while being grounded to Earth.

Sphere crystals

As the name suggests, spheres emit their energy from all sides. They are said to bring a joyful, whimsical element to one’s life. If you are looking for harmony, stability and unity in your life, no crystals are better than spheres.

Spheres are perfect for any room you are wanting to amplify the energy with. Whether it be rose quartz for its loving energy, tourmaline for its protection of clear quartz for its overall healing and amplifying effect of not only any crystals around it, but also your own energetic field and the environment around you.

Wand shaped crystals

Crystal wands come in varying shapes, sizes and types. They represent healing energy. Their long shape allows the energy to move up and down, in and out. So, if you want to release negative energy or bring healing energy to your life, wands can be the answer.

Before using a crystal wand, it pays to take the time to get familiar with the wand’s energy and vibrations to strengthen healing.

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Crystal wands are primarily used in healing and moving or directing energy flow. Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz are popular for their ability to transmute negative energy.

Geode or cluster

Crystal clusters and geodes possess strong vibrational energies. Unlike clusters, geodes have their terminations situated on the inside. Whilst the clusters are on the inside the crystal itself can be housed in the outer layers with various agates being the most popular. Check out our Orca Agate Amethyst Geodes and Agate Amethyst Geodes which are one of our best sellers and make beautiful statement pieces. The Geode is known to constantly keep the same vibrational energy all the time within the cave itself. Emitting energy whilst creating it at the same time.

On the other hand, clusters have points of varying shapes and sizes terminating in different directions depending on the crystal. So, if you want to bring positive energy to your life, feel more energized both mentally and physically, investing in clusters is worth your while. At Divine Crystal Heart, you can explore an extensive range of crystals available in different shapes, sizes at affordable costs. Please feel free to visit the website.