Bringing Prosperity, Compassion, and Health with Enhydro Crystals

There is something magical about getting crystals with a bubble inside. For those looking for ways to bring their body to a healthy state, there is nothing like using Enhydro crystals. Before you buy Enhydro crystals, know they can assist and be your guide to truly breaking down the layers within ourself that have been holding us back throughout life. They can help you tap into your unconscious mind which holds the very answers to all the questions that you will ever need.

What properties do Enhydro crystals have?

The most populalar are Enhydros in quartz found in Brazil and south Africa.

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Enhydro crystals are rare crystals with bubbles of water inside like the Brandberg Amethyst only found in Namibia. They are most commonly referred to as Enhydros, containing cavities filled with water and air bubbles. The most valuable Enhydro crystals are those with moving bubbles. There is an air pocket in the crystal, causing the bubble to move up and down. Other stones have water bubbles inside, but they are usually stationary.

These crystals contain sacred divine water that has been untouched by any pollutants that are over a hundred million years old. Most Enhydros are found in Brazil and Namibia, However, the best quality specimens are sourced from South Africa.

Whether you are a passionate gem collector or just attracted towards certain crystals you will want to learn what these crystals are all about.

Do Enhydro crystals ensure healing and health?

Enhydro crystals are believed to be the source of transformation, amplification, focus, energy, and transmission, beneficial to the human body. When you are drawn to a certain crystal and you feel their pull as much as it feels yours, the connection is established which can be the beginning of a sacred journey of healing together.

The stone can heal, strengthen, balance and cleanse the chakras, resulting in physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The water inside the crystal is devoid of contamination of industrial pollution, making it an ideal crystal to use, especially for someone seeking the purity of the soul, body and mind. You can choose to meditate with an Enhydro crystal to calm your mind. They also assist you in expressing and communicating your feelings. The stone is believed to heighten one’s intuitive state, assist one in healing from within and raising one’s vibration and clearing your auric field.

Enhydro crystals - love & relationships

The stone will inspire one to look at the bright side of every negative situation. Using the stone will help you become more understanding and compassionate. It will help you reign in your emotions and watch your actions and words. The stone signifies feelings that need to be released or relationship problems that need to be addressed. The water element in the crystal is associated with feelings. It helps cleanse your emotions, thoughts, enabling you to speak with wisdom, truth and integrity.

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