How To Use A Meditation Spin Ring

Using your meditation ring

When meditating or saying affirmations hold your ring in your hand or place on your chosen finger. Visualise yourself in the centre of the ring as the universal tree of life. However you choose to see this is perfectly fine!

Recite your affirmations or intentions either out loud or in your head as you turn one of the bands, whilst also visualising your words or thoughts emanating from your heart space as Emerald green energy then circling around your corresponding Chakra.

For rings with three bands each band corresponds to each of the following emotions. So when you are using your ring with intention state your intention 3 times, once for each band, whilst also visualising or thinking of:

Love:     I set my intentions with Love

Peace:  I set my intentions with Peace

Joy:       I set my intentions with Joy

Spin all three bands (or however many bands are on your ring) for an extra round to unite all of your affirmations or intentions, visualising and thinking of unity. Unity of your thoughts or intentions being heard and acted upon by the universe for the highest good of all.

When there are four bands on the ring use the fourth ring for unity.